Yvonne's #1 Fan!

Our family moved to Washington from Wisconsin for work, and needed to find a home. We were extremely fortunate to be referred to Yvonne. She was so patient with us. She gave us the time we needed, important facts about homes, area, schools, and amenities in the neighborhood. This allowed us to make educated decisions along the way. In the beginning there were some challenges with the first house we chose and quite frankly with the people we were buying from. After putting time and money into the house we walked away. She respected our decision without pressure in either direction, and continued to be informative so we could make the right choice for our family. Yvonne was very professional throughout our entire experience. She found solutions to problems that seemed impossible. I attribute that to her genuine concern and selflessness. If she could make things better, she did. She used her resources and connected us with others in the community to ensure that our move was smooth. She did more then we ever expected, and was happy to. Honestly words can say enough as to how much we appreciate what she has done for our family. We feel at home.

Yvonne, you truly are amazing. Writing this brought me to tears because I think about what a difference you made. It was hard not telling the whole story. Gosh! I wish there were more people like you! I want to be more like you. You inspire me.

Yvonne's #1 Fan !!!

Thank You

Hello Yvonne,
Tina and I wanted to say Thank You and what a pleasure it was working with you to sell my mother's home.
I appreciated the time you spent beforehand listening to our needs and goals with the sale of the home.
I also want to compliment you on quick follow ups to all of our questions and making sure our needs were met.

Your engaging and creative style really set the tone for a successful partnership for selling moms house.
I look forward to working with you when the need arises and will recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a home.

We hope you have continued success in you work helping others find their new homes.

Best wishes
David & Tina

Happy to Work with Yvonne

We were very happy to work with Yvonne in the sale of our house in North Bend. Her experience and professionalism, combined with her enthusiasm, work ethic, and positive energy greatly eased the frustration of going through the selling process. I would not hesitate to recommend Yvonne as I know she will put her whole heart into it and truly represent you.

Craig and Dawn


You are a complete professional. You handled our transaction better than I could have imagined. If it were within my power, I would have you train every Real estate agent. From the beginning to end, you were the Best! The Very Best! I really mean it. Never in my life have I had the privilege of working with such a skilled sales professional.
Thank you,
Jerry and Hannah

Thank you for your help

My wife and I would like to thank you for all your help in the purchase of our townhouse in Snoqualmie.
This was a new experience for the both of us, and Yvonne took the time and effort to make the entire
transaction trouble free and worry free.
It was a pleasure to watch Yvonne take charge of problems associated with the purchase. Problems we
had no idea existed. She made the move from Indiana to Snoqualmie much more enjoyable and
rewarding. Hats off to her for the help she offered.

Philip and Yan Wendt

Best selling experience

We can't imagine how anyone could provide a better home selling experience than Yvonne Dalke. Whatever needed to be done to prepare our home for sale, she made sure it happened. From dressing up the the front yard to making minor repairs, she had contacts that came quickly and provided those services at reasonable rates. She was always on top of everything, keeping the marketing aspect fresh and holding numerous open houses. Whenever we had questions or needed her she was always available and responded quickly to our requests. During the whole ordeal she was assuring and exuded confidence about the pending sale. That reduced our stress level tremendously and allowed us to focus on other things that needed our attention knowing that she was in control of everything else. We will be recommending her to our friends and associates should they need a real estate professional.

Colwell and Robin

Our First Home

This was our first home owned and first home sold. We built the house in 1984 and sold in 2014. Thirty years of raising a family with a lot of memories connected to the house. Selling the house was an emotional endeavor and quite an involved process. Yvonne guided us through every step from preliminary meetings prior to listing through the closing. Her knowledge and advice for preparing the house for listing was invaluable. Her resources extremely helpful. She was always available for questions and more advise. To any concerns we expressed, her reply was typically "don't worry, that's my job" and she did it professionally, competently, and with enthusiasm. My wife and I often commented, "I would like to have 1/2 the energy Yvonne has. Our house sold within the time frame Yvonne had predicted for the price we wanted. Yvonne, Again...Thank you

Thanks Again, Yvonne!

Yvonne helped us find the perfect house in a competitive market. Without her expertise and knowledge of the market and quick responses the house buying process would have been tiresome and stressful, but instead it was fun and exciting. Thanks to her help we are in the perfect home for us. Thanks again Yvonne!

5 Star Rating for Yvonne

Yvonne is truly an expert in this area. Her knowledge and caring made it such a pleasure to work with her. She was able to pinpoint homes that she knew would fit our needs, she knew how to navigate this tricky, hot market we are in and showed all along the way that it's all about relationship and win-win's for everyone involved. She did a great job of communicating with us through the process and helped us sell our current home in 3 days so we could get the new home that we wanted. We truly appreciate all of her hard work and assistance and would highly recommend her to anyone.
Additionally, she knows about everyone in the Snoqualmie Valley so anything we needed (carpet cleaner, house cleaner, window washer, you name it) she had a recommendation. :)

Yvonne has been excellent...

She is honest, patient and very responsive. It shows that she has many years of experience, which gave us that good feeling we were looking for. She puts in the time and gave us the exact amount of support we needed. The search went good. With the internet it is hard for an agent to present a house that a savvy internet searcher hasn't seen yet, but when we found houses we liked on line, she did all the required research. Her follow up after the bid was accepted and her support during the weeks leading up to closing was exceptional.

Dirk Van der Raadt & Micha Kowalczyk

Great job Yvonne!

It's been about 3 weeks since our closing and move in to our new home. I have to reflect back on how very smoothly everything went...from initial offer to moving in. Yvonne was along every step of the way. I can't say enough about how very helpful she was and still is regarding the entire process. Quick response to every question my wife or i had. Knowledge of terms, conditions, HOA, mortgage, walk throughs, the offer...this goes on and one. Great job Yvonne. Thanks for everything.

Completely satisfied

Yvonne's service was excellent. She had great communication and kept us up-to-date on all that was happening. Was also very clear about what we should expect and what the timing would be. She is very upbeat and energetic and very positive. It made the whole experience so much nicer.

We were selling from out of town, and she jumped right in to take care of small details like carbon monoxide detectors or talking with the appraiser. Anything that needed to be handled she cheerfully did so. I always felt like she had our best interests at heart and was on our side. It made a new experience, which could have been filled with a lot of anxiety, into a nice relaxing experience.